Pitt about Ben`s goal: “Let him try to score as well from 40 meters”

The popular NBA reporter has missed on his Finals projection each of the past six seasons, and the YouTube gods have put together a video montage.

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“This is Ramirez among the goalkeepers.” “Splash” does not sell him even for €50 million

After 20 months, it is still too early to grade James` 2014 decision to leave the Heat and return to Ohio habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus

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Sed dapibus massa vitae ipsum aliquam sollicitudin. Aenean turpis leo, hendrerit quis bibendum sed, scelerisque nec sem. Praesent convallis lacinia pulvinar. Duis id sem urna. Ut et feugiat ligula. Vivamus…

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