Any entity wishing to become a Member of FAZ shall apply in writing to the General Secretariat of FAZ and/or the Regional League as applicable.

The application must be accompanied by the following mandatory items:

  1. a copy of its legally valid Constitutions;
  2. a declaration that it will always comply with the Statutes, regulations and decisions of FAZ, FIFA and CAF and ensure that these are also respected by its own Members, Clubs, Officials and Players;
  3. a declaration that it will comply with the Laws of the Game in force;
  4. a declaration that it will not take matters of interpretation and application of the FIFA, the CAF and the FAZ statutes, regulations, decisions and directives to Ordinary Courts, unless the FIFA, the CAF, the FAZ regulations, or binding national law, provide for or stipulate recourse to Ordinary Courts;
  5. a declaration that it recognises the Arbitration Tribunal of FAZ (if applicable) and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, as specified in these Statutes;
  6. a declaration that it is located and registered [if legally required] in the territory of FAZ;
  7. a declaration that it will play all official home matches in the territory of FAZ;
  8. a declaration to the effect that the legal composition of the applicant guarantees that it can make decisions independently of any external entity;
  9. a list of Officials, specifying those who are authorised signatories with the right to enter into legally binding agreements with third parties;
  10. a declaration that it undertakes to organise or participate in friendly matches only with the prior consent of FAZ; and a copy of the minutes of its last Annual General Meeting.

Request and procedure for application

  1. The procedure for admission shall be regulated by special regulations approved by the Executive Committee of FAZ.
  2. The Executive Committee shall request the Council either to admit or not to admit an applicant. The applicant may state the reasons for its application to the Council.
  3. The new member shall acquire membership rights and duties as soon as it has been admitted. Its delegates are eligible to vote and be elected henceforth as prescribed in the Statutes.

Members Right

 The Members of FAZ have the following rights:

  • To take part in in the Council of FAZ as an individual member of through their regional representative as the case may be
  • To know its agenda in advance, to be called to the Council within the prescribed time and to exercise their voting rights
  • To draw up proposals for inclusions in the agenda of the Council
  • To nominate candidates for all bodies of FAZ to be elected
  • To be informed of the affairs of FAZ through the official bodies of FAZ
  • To take part in competitions (if applicable) and/or other football activities organised by FAZ
  • To exercise all other rights arising from the Statues and regulations of FAZ.

The exercise of these rights is subject to other provisions in these Statues and the applicable regulations.


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