The Council

The Annual General Meeting is the meeting at which all of the Members of the Football Association of Zambia regularly convene.

It represents the supreme and legislative authority of FAZ, and only an AGM that is duly convened has the authority to make decisions.  An AGM may be an Ordinary or Extraordinary one.

The President shall conduct the AGM business in compliance with the standing orders of the Council and the AGM may appoint observers who take part in the Council without the right to deliberate or vote.The life members or honorary members may take part in the Council and they may join the deliberations but are not entitled to vote.

Quorum of the Council

Decisions passed by the Council will only be valid if more than 50% of the delegates representing the Members who are entitled to vote are present. If a quorum is not achieved, a second Council shall take place within 24 hours, with the same agenda.

A quorum is not required for the second meeting unless any item on the agenda proposes the amendment of the Statutes of FAZ, the election of the President and election of the Vice-president and members of the Executive Committee, the dismissal of one or a number of members of a body of FAZ, the expulsion of a Member of FAZ or the dissolution of FAZ.

Justice Hammer

Decisions of the Council

A decision that requires a vote shall be reached by a show of hands or by means of an electronic count. If a show of hands does not result in a clear majority in favour of a motion, the vote shall be taken by calling the roll in alphabetical order.Unless otherwise stipulated in these Statutes, a majority (more than 50%) of the valid votes cast shall suffice for a decision to be valid. Blank ballot papers, invalid votes or electronic votes manipulated in any other way as well as abstentions shall be disregarded when calculating the majority.

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