Hichilema Fashioned in Glasgow!

Red-hot Zambian striker Fashion Sakala radiated some of his teeming form, albeit in verbose, as he met with President Hakainde Hichilema in Glasgow on the side-lines of the Cop26 Glasgow Conference.

Sakala, fresh from netting a hat-trick on Sunday, caught presidential attention with Hichilema seeking him out in Glasgow where he is on the books of the world-famous Rangers in Scotland.

Before flashing cameras, Sakala exuded some of the confidence that has taken him to the top of the game and congratulated Hichilema for winning the August 12 elections.

The ‘boy from the village’ as Sakala proudly identifies himself was happy to meet Hichilema, who like him, encapsulates a typical from rags to riches story, fashioned in a village set-up.

Casting aside their village shadows, the duo eased into an inspiring life story that mirrored each other’s struggles to the top.

While President Hichilema did not lose a moment to dispense financial prudency to the rising football star, it was Sakala who poured his heart out to the Head of State in a near Shakespeare-en proficiency.

“I would like to appreciate you for inviting me, I really appreciate the chance you have given me to meet you. It is also very big motivation for me and for a lot of Zambians to see that the boy from the village has met the President,” enthused Sakala.

“I would like to congratulate you for winning the elections. Me and millions of Zambians are very proud, and I believe the country made the right decision, not talking bad about the former government. We really appreciate what they did for us, and we believe that you are the right person to take over and I believe there is time for everything.”

Sakala says meeting Hichilema confirmed that there were no limits to what anybody could achieve if they used their God given talent.

“This is something that I really wanted to share, I know that I have seen a lot of interviews and looking at your life, you are a hero. I have seen where you came from, your background, your history tells everything,” he says.

“When I saw about your history, it is almost the same as mine coming from the village, making it to the top and now you are the President of the country which is a very big achievement, and you are very big example that nothing is impossible.”

He says, “This is a big chance for me meeting you and a big motivation to young kids born in poor families, because Zambia is a poor country, but it will be a rich country. We believe it will be a better place to live. We are the people to change the country. Thank you so much and I am very proud to meet you.”

Hichilema who shed off his Presidential hat, charmingly counselled Sakala on the importance of investing whilst one was still playing to avoid possible destitution and indebtedness in future.

“Keep on working, hard work pays and manage your finances well,” Hichilema says.

“Invest because days are not the same, someday, we are glad you are scoring goals but 10-15 years you might not do the same. You can always change things, invest in things, look after your money, then your money will look after you. That is how it works.”

Sakala showered President Hichilema with memorabilia that included a signed Rangers replica and scarf.

The Rangers forward is one of a myriad of Zambian football stars making breakthroughs in top European leagues.



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