FAZ Council Approves Formation of Arbitration Tribunal

The FAZ Council has approved the setting up of a five-member Arbitration Tribunal beyond the already existing judicial bodies.

The Tribunal will be chaired by Enias Chulu with Friday Besa ratified as the vice chairperson at the 2020/21 Annual General Meeting held at Urban Bliss Hotel in Kabwe on Saturday. Gift Mileji will serve as committee member and will be joined by two others who are yet to be appointed.

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga said the establishment of the Tribunal, as provided for in Article 63 of the FAZ constitution, was timely.

“You will recall that in the run up to the last elective AGM we lost almost a year with matters being referred to ordinary courts of law against FAZ Statutes,” Kamanga said.

“I did commit at the close of the last AGM that we need to turn a new leaf and allow members who felt that their cases were not fairly addressed to be availed an opportunity for further hearing upon exhausting the appeal process.”

Kamanga called on all members who have pending matters to refer their appeals to the Tribunal.

The council also approved Sokwani Chilembo and Freddie Chalenga as chairperson and vice chairperson respectively in the Ethics Committee- Adjudicatory Chamber, while Lukangaba Sukwana was retained as Appeals Committee chairperson. Isaac Nonde will deputise him, Buchisa Mwalongo and Aongola Kambwa will be committee members.

The Disciplinary Committee will be led by Joseph Jalasi, Mukumba Mulele as deputy chairperson and three committee members.

The Audit and Compliance Committee will still be chaired by Emmanuel Mbambiko with Reuben Kamanga and John Nkonjela retained as committee members.


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