Ambassador Chenda Rallies Chipolopolo Ahead of Zim Clash

Zambian ambassador to Zimbabwe Emmanuel Chenda has visited the Chipolopolo camp in Harare and urged them to beat the Warriors and set the tone for qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

And FAZ president Andrew Kamanga said FAZ had carried a strong team to Zimbabwe to give the coach insight of the team he may use in forthcoming fixtures.

Addressing the team at Rainbow Towers ahead of tonight’s match Chenda hailed the foreign based players for making the trip to Harare for the formality match as a true mark of patriotism.

“Your presence here is to ensure that the Zambian flag flies at full mast all the time. It means you have a duty and honour to your country, as you go to the pitch today, bring pride and honour to Zambians,” Chenda said.

You cannot have a better opportunity to market yourselves, soccer now is one of the most highly rewarding careers you can have.”

“In football statistics matter, how many times has Zambia played Algeria, how many times have we won? We are big boys, forget what happened. We have to beat Zimbabwe and show them that we are still up there.”

And Chenda urged Kamanga to remain strong as football was a sport that everyone assumed, they were entitled to an opinion.

“In Zambia, if you been in FAZ, there is nothing which is as hot as football politics, everybody knows what should happen, even when you win, they will say ati tawina chabe sembe tawina 10-0 iyi game (We have won but we could have won by 10-0). In Zambia everybody is a football expert, they know what is right, they know what you should be doing, it is only you who does not know what is done right,” he said.

Chenda said the foreign based players had demonstrated high levels of patriotism by travelling for the match in Zimbabwe.

“I have noticed that there are foreign based players, that to me is a high mark of patriotism. Well done guys,” he said.

“Of course, the draw was not good enough, but we are consoled by the fact that the team displayed a good performance on the day. We remain confident that we do have a strong team going forward,” Kamanga.

“Aside from the Africa Cup, we do have World Cup qualifiers in June, we have two games. the next round will be in August and the final round in October.”

“We may not be going toe Africa Cup, but we have raised the bar high enough to be able to qualify to the World Cup starting with this game today.”

Zambia plays Zimbabwe today (Monday) at 21:00 hours in formality Group H match at National Sports Stadium in Harare.

The Chipolopolo are using the match as a launchpad of preparations for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.





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